Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 19

day 19- write about a sweet memory from your past

As a child, my best friend (since I was three years old) was Jessica. Now, 22 years down the road we're still good friends... Anyways, on to the memory(memories)!

p.s. Jessica, don't hate me for these photos I'm about to post.

We used to hang out in my backyard a lot. Upon multiple occasions we would gather various items from around the yard and make up a pretend circus (at least I think it was a circus?). Our favorite things to include in the show were our wooden "horses." These horses were actually my dad's saw horses that he used for his projects, but Jessica and I would drag them out to the middle of the yard, hop on, and "ride" like the wind. I'm pretty sure we named them Brown Charlie and Red Charlie...Thinking back to it I'm sure my dad didn't appreciate us rocking out on his saw horses, but apparently we didn't think of that back then.

Here we are on the saw horses--I'm so pumped my mom actually had a picture of it!

We also used to bob for apples in a metal bucket on random hot days to cool off. I guess that's what kind of creative lengths kids without pools had to go to. But, sticking our heads in a nice cool tub felt pretty darn good at the time!

I also had this area in my backyard where we could dig (later my dad built an awesome clubhouse there). Spending multiple days we made a sweet fort out of dirt. It had built in couches and secret holes to stash our goodies. I'm pretty sure it was the coolest dirt fort ever created. At one point, possibly before the couches were carved out, we filled the huge hole up with water, threw some toys in and went fishing! I'm pretty sure we fished on several occasions.

Jessica and I still have fun together, but I miss all the silly things that we did as kids. Maybe we should bob for apples this summer, or take a ride on a piece of wood some day soon :)

Best buds as tom boys.

Homemade teeter totter! This is completely awful. Had to do it, sorry Jess.

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