Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 13

day 13- your 5 favorite books and why

I'm not a big reader...I actually do enjoy it once I start but I often find myself not finishing books even if I am really into them. So, I'm stretching my brain here a bit...Most of these I read in high school, because apparently that's the only time I was an avid reader out of sheer necessity.

1- Ender's Game. This sci-fi book is intended for a male reader I'm sure, but I've always loved it. And I'm not even big on science fiction in the first place...Back in the 7th grade I had a P.E. teacher who made up my most favorite P.E. game ever and it was named after this book. Years later I read it, and I've always loved it. There's a few books in the series and I like them all, but I think this first one is still my favorite!

2- Wicked. I actually thought some parts were kind of wordy and boring, but overall I loved this take on the Wizard of Oz.

3- Flowers for Algernon. A lab rat test put to use on a mentally disabled dude--you can't go wrong there.

4- Lord of the Flies. A group of marooned boys going crazy. I always secretly wanted to join them on the island, but just for one day.

5-Where the Wild Things Are. Who doesn't love this one?! I'm sure my boys will end up like Max--having to be locked up in their room for being too wild ;) Never cared to watch the movie that was made for it though...

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