Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 days of blogging- Day 1

day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

 I've been working on my fish face lately. You never know when you might need to use it.

1.  I wish I knew how to cook and/or had the energy and time to learn how to do so...I mean, I can bake chicken and boil pasta, but I'm talking about real honest to goodness cooking here.
2. Whenever we get stable money I plan on going on a family vacation at least once a year. My family hardly ever went anywhere and I want to give my boys the opportunity to see the world [..or at least the state].
3. I want to buy a beach cruiser and join my friends on bike rides in the spring time.
4. I'm tired of people telling me that I look too young to be a mom. Even if I was a parent at 16 that's my business.
5. I honestly don't remember what it feels like to have a full night's sleep.
6. I hate dancing in front of anyone other than my babies. At least they think my dance moves are amazing :)
7.  I can ride a unicycle...I also use this fun fact often when I have to think of something creative about myself in social situations.
8.  I would love to open a daycare center with my mom!
9. I had knee surgery at 17 years old. Apparently the doctor totally sucked because my knees still suck.
10. I have discovered that when people say you lose relationships once you get married and have children, it is incredibly true. 
11. I can't imagine ever going back to work despite the fact that I'm a college graduate. Even though I go crazy some days, I would hate to miss a minute of my boys' lives.
12. I would love to move out of the state and begin a new adventure with my family. I always wanted to live somewhere covered in trees...
13. I rode a dirt-bike one time in the parking lot of Nate's old office. After 2 times around I flew off and crashed...ever since then I have wanted to give it one more try.
14. I always wanted to play softball in school, but never tried out for some reason.
15. I never thought I'd ever have twins, but they are the best thing that has ever happened to me. [of course I had to save this one for last!]

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